Aiden Hatfield’s Story

Aiden Hatfield of In Music we Trust ophotographed by Lisa Marie Gee for the Open Shutters project
Aiden Hatfield

Aiden Hatfield, musician and founder of the In Music We Trust clothing brand, tells his Open Shutters story in the video below. Half of the profits from In Music We Trust are donated to MIND.

Open Shutters will be exhibiting our portraits at Gallery Oldham from September 15 to November 10. We have launched a Crowdfunder to cover the cost of mounting the exhibition and producing a book. Please have a look at our campaign hereand help if you can. We’ve got some lovely rewards available.

If you have a story to tell and would like to take part in the Open Shutters project please give Lisa a call on 07771 553535 or fill in the form on our contact page.

One thought on “Aiden Hatfield’s Story

  1. Aiden is a true inspiration to everybody. His work he has done and how he succeed to constantly put a smile on peoples face.

    His clothing brand is absolutely and amazing way for him and others to help people with depression by his donations from his 50% profits.

    Aiden your amazing and have changed the life’s on many people


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